Diamond Blade for Granite 300mm-600mm

Diamond Blade for Granite (Normal/Silent Body )

Sizes from 300mm to 600mm

Cutting fast and smooth

Durable and long life

Product Description

BG-300 12″ 300 50/60 40×3.0×10/12
BG-350 14″ 350 50/60 40×3.2×10/12/15
BG-400 16″ 400 50/60 40×3.6×10/12/15
BG-450 18″ 450 50/60 40×3.8×10/12/15
BG-500 20″ 500 50/60 40×4.0×10/12/15
BG-600 24″ 600 50/60 40×4.5×10/12/15

Introduction: Diamond Blade for Granite (Normal/Silent Body)

1. High-Quality Cutting: Our diamond blade for granite is specifically designed to deliver high-quality cutting performance. With its specially formulated diamond segments, it ensures precise and efficient cuts through granite, a hard and dense stone material.
2. Normal/Silent Body Options: We offer two options for the body of the blade – normal and silent. The normal body provides excellent stability and cutting power, while the silent body reduces noise levels during operation, making it ideal for noise-sensitive environments.
3. Versatile Diameter Range: Our diamond blade is available in a diameter range of 300mm to 600mm, giving you the flexibility to choose the size that best fits your cutting requirements. This versatility allows for various applications, from small-scale projects to large-scale installations.
4. Durable Construction: The blade features a robust construction, ensuring its longevity and resistance to wear and tear. This durability allows for consistent and reliable cutting performance, even in demanding granite cutting operations.
5. Professional-Grade Performance: Designed for professional use, our diamond blade for granite provides exceptional performance and meets the high standards of stone fabricators and construction professionals. It is a reliable tool that delivers precise cuts and enhances productivity in granite cutting applications.