Diamond Blade For Marble 300mm-600mm

Diamond Blade For Marble (Normal/Silent body )

Sizes from 300mm to 600mm

Cutting fast and smooth

Durable and long life

Product Description

BM-300 12″ 300 50/60 40×2.8×10
BM-350 14″ 350 50/60 40×3.0×10
BM-400 16″ 400 50/60 40×3.2×10
BM-450 18″ 450 50/60 40×3.4×10
BM-500 20″ 500 50/60 40×3.6×10
BM-600 24″ 600 50/60 40×4.0×10

Introduction: Diamond Blade for Marble (Normal/Silent Body)

1. Superior Marble Cutting: Our diamond blade for marble is specifically designed to provide superior cutting performance when working with marble, a delicate and beautiful stone. It ensures clean and precise cuts, allowing for intricate designs and flawless finishes.
2. Normal/Silent Body Options: We offer two options for the body of the blade – normal and silent. The normal body provides stability and power, suitable for regular marble cutting tasks. The silent body reduces noise levels, making it ideal for noise-sensitive environments such as residential or commercial projects.
3. Versatile Diameter Range: Our diamond blade is available in a diameter range of 300mm to 600mm, giving you the flexibility to choose the right size for your marble cutting needs. This range allows for various applications, from smaller sculptures and countertops to larger architectural projects.
4. Long-Lasting Durability: The blade’s construction ensures exceptional durability, allowing for extended use and resistance to wear and tear. This durability ensures consistent cutting performance, providing professionals with reliable results throughout their marble cutting projects.
5. Professional-Grade Performance: Our diamond blade for marble is designed for professionals in the stone fabrication industry, meeting the highest standards of quality and performance. It is a trusted tool that delivers precision cuts, enhances productivity, and brings out the natural beauty of marble in every project.