Diamond Wire Saw for Cutting Granite

Diamond Wire Saw for Cutting Granite

1. Superior cutting performance for granite.
2. Efficient cutting speed, reducing overall cutting time.
3. Minimal material loss with thin kerfs.
4. Versatile applications for slabbing, profiling, and shaping.
5. Precise and clean cuts with minimal surface damage.

Product Description

Bead Dia. (mm)
Beads / m
Speed (㎡/h)
Life (㎡/m)
For cutting hard granite 11.5 40 Rubber+Spring / Rubber 6-10 8-11
For cutting medium hard granite 11.5 40 Rubber+Spring / Rubber 9-13 10-14
For cutting soft granite 11.5 40 Rubber+Spring / Rubber / Plastic+Spring 10-20 10-16

Introduction: Diamond Wire Saw for Cutting Granite

1. Superior Granite Cutting: The diamond wire saw designed specifically for cutting granite offers exceptional performance and precision. It is optimized to handle the hardness and density of granite, enabling efficient and accurate cuts.
2. Efficient Cutting Speed: The advanced cutting technology of the diamond wire saw allows for high-speed cutting through granite. The diamond-coated wire, combined with optimized tension and cutting parameters, ensures efficient and smooth cutting, reducing overall cutting time and increasing productivity.
3. Minimal Material Loss: The diamond wire saw creates thin kerfs, resulting in minimal material loss during the cutting process. This is crucial when working with valuable granite slabs, as it helps maximize material utilization and minimizes waste.
4. Versatile Applications: The diamond wire saw for cutting granite can be used for various applications, including slabbing, profiling, and shaping. It is suitable for both small-scale projects and larger commercial applications like fabricating countertops, tiles, and monuments.
5. Precise and Clean Cuts: With its ability to make precise and clean cuts, the diamond wire saw ensures a high-quality finish on granite. It minimizes chipping, surface damage, and the need for additional edge polishing, resulting in professional and polished end products.
6. Safety and Operator Comfort: Diamond wire saws are designed with safety features and ergonomic handles to ensure operator comfort during extended cutting operations. The advanced diamond blade technology reduces vibration and noise levels, providing a safer and more comfortable cutting experience.
The diamond wire saw for cutting granite is an essential tool for granite fabricators, countertop manufacturers, and stone artists. It offers efficient, precise, and clean cuts, allowing you to unleash the beauty of natural granite and achieve superior results in various applications.