Turbo Diamond Saw Blade for Stone

Turbo Diamond Saw Blade for Stone
Designed for cutting Granite, marble, artificial stone, tile, brick and other materials.
Product Specification
BS3-105 4″ 105 20 1.6×8
BS3-110 4.3″ 110 20 1.8×8
BS3-110 4.3″ 110 20 1.8×10
BS3-115 4.5″ 115 20/22.23 1.8×12
BS3-115 4.5″ 115 20/22.23 1.8×15
BS3-125 5″ 125 22.23 1.8×10
BS3-180 7″ 180 22.23 2.4×10
BS3-230 9″ 230 22.23 2.6×10

Introducing the Turbo Diamond Saw Blade for Stone, a high-performance tool specifically designed for cutting stone materials.
1. Turbo segment design: The turbo-style segments provide enhanced cutting speed and efficiency, allowing for quick and smooth cuts through various stone materials.
2. Versatile application: Ideal for cutting stone materials such as granite, marble, limestone, and more.
3. Size options: Available in various sizes to meet different cutting requirements, ensuring compatibility with a wide range of stone cutting machines.
4. Longevity and durability: The blade is constructed with high-quality materials, including a strong steel core and diamond-infused segments, ensuring maximum lifespan and durability.
5. Clean and precise cuts: The turbo diamond saw blade delivers clean and precise cuts, minimizing chipping and producing professional-quality results in stone cutting projects.