What is Diamond Core Drilling?

Diamond core drilling is a form of core drilling which uses a rotary drill to create precisely measured holes. Diamond is the hardest naturally occurring material in the world and is ideal for creating openings in a range of materials including concrete, metal and glass. A diamond drill is a precision instrument that creates smooth and accurate holes ranging from 12mm in diameter up to 550mm in diameter using electric or hydraulic powered drilling rigs. 

Using a stitch drilling technique can overcome the potential limitations of diamond core drilling. Stitch drilling creates an overlapping chain of core holes so that a hole of virtually any shape or size can be created. In using a stitch drilling technique, diamond core drilling can form openings in walls and floors for windows, doors and vents ranging from 100mm to 2000mm in depth, whether in masonry or reinforced concrete. 

In most cases, using a wet core drill is preferable however dry diamond core drilling can be performed in certain situations. Dry core drilling is primarily designed for drilling into general housing materials such as soft stone, sandstone, brick and block. This type of drilling is designed to be used only for rotary action without any additional percussive action. 

What diamond core drilling is used for 

Diamond core drilling has a wide range of uses from creating holes in walls and floors for plumbing and electrical purposes, to extracting concrete cores for similar purposes. Diamond core drilling is also used frequently in mineral exploration where the coring may be several hundred to several thousand feet in length. The core samples are recovered and studied by geologists for mineral percentages and stratigraphic contact points. This gives exploration companies the information necessary to begin or abandon mining operations in a particular area. 

Advantages of diamond core drilling 

Diamond core drilling offers many advantages over conventional drilling methods. The accuracy of diamond core drilling means that there is a lower chance of causing damage that could affect the strength of the structure. Another advantage of diamond core drilling is that it creates no dust, little debris and no vibration when in use. This increases the standard of the work, reduces the risk of structural damage and helps to save time and money on disposal. The diamond core drilling equipment is also lightweight and portable so it also suitable for use in more confined spaces. 

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